Thursday, November 28, 2013

What are you looking at Turkey?

Turkey by wattpublishing
Turkey, a photo by wattpublishing on Flickr.

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Turkey closeup. Anyone can use this image freely if they link back to


Turkeys by Catsbow
Turkeys, a photo by Catsbow on Flickr.

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Turkey colors are really quite amazing. The different shapes and sizes of their feathers are too. These were some of the critters at tractor guy's house. I wasn't sure if I was going to humiliate myself and run screaming from these guys. When I was around 30 I was terrorized by a huge Tom Turkey for months. When I'd come home he'd run over to my car and I couldn't get out because he'd be trying to attack me. The neighbors would have to distract him while I ran for my apartment. Didn't make it any better that those were my party days. You know, arrive home around 2 a.m. and wonder if the evil turkey was lurking between me and my door. When he found out which apartment I was in, well things just got worse. It's pretty funny now but at the time, I wanted to shoot that turkey.

Give Thanks!

Friendsgiving_0008-v by Amanda Mae Bird
Friendsgiving_0008-v, a photo by Amanda Mae Bird on Flickr.


The Bird by Jared Atkins
The Bird, a photo by Jared Atkins on Flickr.

I hope it's just Thanksgiving!

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons 2012 NYC Comic strip characters cartoons on 42nd street and 6th Avenue Midtown Manhattan West 11/22/2012 Macys balloons Helium New balloon character holiday New

What a bunch of Turkeys!

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Original Caption: Turkey presentation for Thanksgiving, 11/18/1969

U.S. National Archives’ Local Identifier: NLNP-WHPO-MPF-2438(06)

From:: Nixon White House Photographs Series

Created By:: General Services Administration. National Archives and Records Service. Office of Presidential Libraries. Office of Presidential Papers.

Production Date: 11/18/1969

Persistent URL:

Repository: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)

Access Restrictions: Unrestricted
Use Restrictions: Unrestricted

Try a little liquor to help with the Family!

San Pedro by Thomas Hawk
San Pedro, a photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
M & P Liquor
2200 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731-5934
(310) 514-3600

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Good Monday to you!

Lion 2 by Caryn2013
Lion 2, a photo by Caryn2013 on Flickr.

Monday grumps

98/365 : Paper Please. by moiht
98/365 : Paper Please., a photo by moiht on Flickr.

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My friend told me i looked like Homestar runner with this bag on.

Strobist Info : 430EXII into softbox camera right, 420EZ into umbrella camera right.

turns out the vignetting wasn't really vignetting, just the feathering of the lights.

Mondays in Asia

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Puppy Bull Terrier!

Puppy Bull Terrier! by Piotr Organa
Puppy Bull Terrier!, a photo by Piotr Organa on Flickr.

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Lola, Bull Terrier, 16 weeks.

. .

.     . by tboltkid
. ., a photo by tboltkid on Flickr.

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Perché sì

Perché sì by WoMoW aka PRCMDNN
Perché sì, a photo by WoMoW aka PRCMDNN on Flickr.

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Rollei SL66 - Polaroid 672

Happy Monday!

Untitled by LenhillAdvanced
Untitled, a photo by LenhillAdvanced on Flickr.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today Is Lynn's Birthday! Where the Daisies Are!

Daisies by _tris_
Daisies, a photo by _tris_ on Flickr.

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Go ahead, claim a daisy and tell us why you're happy today!!

We've run out of daisies, but please just pop a note anywhere or leave a comment!!-15Nov2004

Happy Birthday Lynn!

Happy Birthday Lynn!

Rockport, MA by comtrag
Rockport, MA, a photo by comtrag on Flickr.

Happy Birthday Lynn!

Sing Along by Paul McRae (Delta Niner)
Sing Along, a photo by Paul McRae (Delta Niner) on Flickr.

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Sing with me, let's pass the time with song.

What a wonderful classic pinball machine. Too bad that it didn't really work too well. It's surprising that it works at all after 43 years of play.

Game: Sing Along, 1967

Happy Birthday Lynn!

Dirt Road Home by Denzil D
Dirt Road Home, a photo by Denzil D on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is a old dirt road that lead to the rural home where I was raised. I always lowed the color in the fall and had to go back and relive them.

Happy Birthday Lynn!

underwear by wildflowerdesigns
underwear, a photo by wildflowerdesigns on Flickr.

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etsymetal underwear challenge

Happy Birthday Lynn!!

Clown Business by Mrs Inman
Clown Business, a photo by Mrs Inman on Flickr.

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"Two Midget Clowns" 1935 by John Gutmann. Compliments of the Library of Congress


Untitled by adrian_t
Untitled, a photo by adrian_t on Flickr.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ah, Nature.

I can't believe the chick still had the yolk in it!

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This is the food our cat is going for. I shot this video with a Nikon D800 and did some color correction in iMovie.

Hot foot

  by Photo.Yi
, a photo by Photo.Yi on Flickr.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Nuns by PiusKo
Nuns, a photo by PiusKo on Flickr.

Starlings, starlings everywhere and not a one to eat!

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Late Autumn 2013

Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Tokua Woman

Tokua Woman by Travel 67
Tokua Woman, a photo by Travel 67 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Tokua Culture Singsing Group, Jiwaka Provice - Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea

Pentax 645D
Pentax FA645 35mm
Pentax AF-360FGZ Flash on extension cord. Hand held bare flash at either full or half power.

Chris Willson

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It is getting cold.

Mountaineers by HckySo
Mountaineers, a photo by HckySo on Flickr.


Untitled by rodolphe.sebbah
Untitled, a photo by rodolphe.sebbah on Flickr.

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Russia 4 Love 13

Russia 4 Love 13 by lewishamdreamer
Russia 4 Love 13, a photo by lewishamdreamer on Flickr.

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3 September - Whitehall, London - A demonstration was held opposite Downing Street, to protest Vladimir Putin's signing into law the prohibition of 'promotion' of homosexuality in Russia.

The protest was also attended by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, and TV presenter and writer Paul O'Grady, who each expressed their anger at the Russian President's wilful nod to extreme bigotry.

Gorgeous art at Clare Rojas' opening night reception at Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld Gallery.

Fennec fox

Fennec fox by floridapfe
Fennec fox, a photo by floridapfe on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Fennec fox @ everland.korea

I'm Trying to Compose Myself


Americana by Thomas Hawk
Americana, a photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

diamonds: its to die for...

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found this floating around the web today, and just had to grab it. I've never been a big fan of diamond crap.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring by bangkok_diary
Diamond Ring, a photo by bangkok_diary on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Diamond ring in 18k white gold set with a centre Brilliant cut diamond . Marquise and baguette diamonds are set around the centre.

Diamond Nuggets

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Rough Diamond Nuggets, in Grey. These measure around 12mm and weigh a total of 37 Carats.

Specially ordered for a Courtney Love Bespoke Commission.

Diamonds Diamonds

Diamonds Diamonds by Vermin Inc
Diamonds Diamonds, a photo by Vermin Inc on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Diamonds fixes everything!


Diamond by Theresa Thompson
Diamond, a photo by Theresa Thompson on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Not a real diamond, it's a vector drawing done in Adobe Illustrator. Each of the facets was drawn with the pen tool.


diamond by weddingssc
diamond, a photo by weddingssc on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Let’s focus on diamonds for a bit. Every girl knows about the four C’s of Diamond buying, but it can be hard to remember what all the cuts look like. The cut of a diamond directly effects the amount of sparkle a diamond has. Cut can also affect how big your diamond looks. Carat is actuality the weight of the diamond, so depending on the cut a diamond can look bigger or smaller than a diamond with the same carat weight. A well cut diamond will look bigger than many diamonds of a heavier carat weight.

“What makes a good cut,” you may ask. The quality of a diamonds cut is affected by many factors.

1) Proportions: How wide and tall the diamond is will directly affect the brilliance of the stone.

a. Diamonds that are cut to shallows will not sparkle as much.

b. Diamonds that are too deep will not sparkle as well, because all the light will go out the sides of the diamond.

2) Symmetry: Symmetry of a diamond is how well the facets are aligned to make the diamond sparkle

a. Misaligned, clipped, and broken facets are common on diamonds. Look at the diamond, does it sparkle more on one side than another. If so, the symmetry is off. If you are still happy with the diamond, see if you can negotiate a cheaper price, because of the asymmetrical nature of the diamond.

Okay, so we’ve established what makes a good cut, but what do the cuts look like.

Asscher Cut Diamonds- The asscher cut was developed at the turn of the 20th century.
The asscher cut is the forerunner the now popular Emerald cut. It is square with cropped corners. There are several types of asscher cuts:

•Baguettes: Are long thin oblong asscher cuts.

•Step/Table Cut: Are square asscher cuts. They look like a pyramid that doesn’t come to a point.

Round Cut Diamonds- There are many verities of round cut diamonds. Some of the most popular are:
•Brilliant Cut Diamonds: The brilliant cut diamond was first cut in the 1600’s in the court of the French king, Louis the XIV. The modern round brilliant cut wasn’t perfected until the turn of the 20th century. Round brilliant cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts for diamond solitaire engagement rings.

•Cushion Cut/Old Mine Cut Diamonds:The cushion cut was most popular in the 1800’s. It is a variation of the brilliant cut. The cut of the diamond allows lots of light to travel threw the diamond, making it one of the most sparkly diamond cuts.

•Single Cut Diamonds: A single cut diamond consist of 18 facets. Single cut diamonds are normally very small stones, like the stones you would see in a channel setting.

•Old European Cut Diamonds: The old European cut is an older form of the brilliant cut, that is less precisely cut than a brilliant cut.

•Rose Cut Diamonds: The rose cut dates back to 1520, and was created to resemble and opening rose but. A rose cut looks like a diamond that has been cut upside down with a flat bottom and a pointed top. Rose cuts can be seen in many diamond solitaire rings.

Here are some other cuts.

Trilliant Cut Diamonds- The trilliant cut diamond was designed in 1962 by the Diamond Company of New York. A trilliant cut is shaped like a triangle and has 31 facets.

Emerald Cut- The emerald cut is a long flat stone with mitered corners. It is less sparkly than many diamonds, but is perfect to showcase colored diamonds. An emerald cut settings often includes side stones to enhance the diamond. An emerald cut looks bigger for its carat weight than many other cuts. If you want a big rock, and are not as conserved about the sparkle, consider an emerald cut.

Heart Cut Diamonds- Heart cut diamonds are one of the easiest shapes to remember. It’s shaped like a heart. Choose the time you buy a heart cut carefully. Heart cuts are in high demand around Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Marquise/Navette Cut Diamonds- The marquise cut was developed to resemble the mouth of King Louis XV’s mistress. They are most often seen as the center stone of engagement rings.

Oval Cut Diamonds: Oval Cut diamonds are covered in triangular facets. Most oval cut diamonds look like a swished brilliant cut.

Pear/Teardrop cut Diamond: The pear cut diamond was very popular in Elizabethan England. The pear shape is pointed at one end and round at the other, like a pear or teardrop.

Princess Cut Diamond:The princess cut was developed in Holland at the turn of the 20th century. The princess cut is very similar to the brilliant cut, and very sparkly.

Radiant Cut Diamonds:The radiant cut is one of the most recent diamond cuts. It was created in 1977 by the Radiant Cut Diamond Company. The radiant cut is a square or rectangle cut ,similar to an Emerald cut, but with more sparkle.

Articles From:

Diamond ماس

Diamond ماس by Hisham Alqawsi
Diamond ماس, a photo by Hisham Alqawsi on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Diamond ماس