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Space Mountain: Mission 2

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DLP's Space Mountain looks drastically different (and better IMHO) than the other space mountains. In addition to its exterior differences the ride itself is very different as it is a modern steel coaster complete with two inversions (a sidewinder and a corkscrew). In some ways it is similar to Rock 'n Rollercoaster; however, instead of speeding past city signs you fly past planets as you are blasted into space. In this picture you can see the steam from the Columbiad canon that blasts you into space (and you can see a ride car that is on its way into space just above the top billow of steam).

When it first opened the "mission" riders undertook was a space mission inspired by From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne. In 2005 some modifications were made and when it re-opened it became Space Mountain: Mission 2. It now has a "supercharged" canon that blasts you past the moon into the depths of space. Included in this re-themeing were some new effects and a new soundtrack.

Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain was the first Space Mountain to include on-board music.

Original plans called for Space Mountain to be included in a much more massive "Discovery Mountain" which would have also included a large version of the Nautilus, an underwater restaurant, a copy of the Horizons attraction from Epcot, and an Earth to the Moon inspired free-fall ride. Due to budget issues and attendance problems when DLP first opened the scale of the attraction was cut back to its current state. The Nautilus survived as a walk through attraction outside of Space Mountain. There are still some nods to Discovery Mountain to be found including DM monograms on the queue fences (as pointed out by Dan).

The exterior design matches the Jules Verne inspired theme of Discoveryland. In the right bottom corner of the picture you can see part of the Nautilus.

Disneyland Paris Resort, Marne la Vallée, France

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