Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take me away

Take me away by marcus mb
Take me away, a photo by marcus mb on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Returned from Holland - Amsterdam/Texel a week ago, after 8 days together with some of my best mates and amazing photographers - Marwane Pallas, Joeri Bosma, Thomas Schouten, Anne Mortensen and Laura Lou. More photos from the meetup will be up soon.

Take me away. In less than one month i'll move to Australia with purpose of writing a book.

As many of you already know, a good mate (Rasmus) and I are moving to Australia this september for a year with a dream of writing a book. The book will be a combined photo book and alternative guidebook, that we believe will stand out in the oceans of guidebooks. We have created a campaign on indiegogo, hoping that people will help us on our way.
We aim not to live in luxury, but to live as close to the Australian nature / culture as possible. We will do this by traveling as backpackers, where we think we will be able to experience Australia in the kneeheight, thereby experiencing it up close. We want to avoid hotels and strive to live with people we meet on our way, for the same reason as above. The collected money will we spend on transportation, food and printing costs. The approximately 175 pages book will be printed on high quality paper with a hard paperback.

Pre-order our book or prints, and support our project. We would be more than thankful if you would share.

thank you. :)

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