Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lighning Strikes (EKR0813)

Via Flickr:
Well, I finally got my long awaited Nikon D4 camera, and I would like to thank Paul at Nikon Canada NPS (Nikon Professional Services) for making sure I got one of the first in Ontario. Without a doubt, this is now the worlds leading SLR Camera.

Today, I photographed Eagles nest building and fishing. This camera locks on, focuses fast, and at a blazing 11 frames per second in full camera raw, does NOT crap out the buffer. As a matter of fact, it will deal out a hefty 200 frames before that happens. The menu and controls are extremely user friendly, feels good in the hand, and perhaps its my imagination, but I think it is lighter than the D3s I had. Eagle pictures will follow.

Tonight I a chased a storm around for a couple of hours. As an experiment, I shot in Tiff mode, 800 ISO, using a 28-300mm lens set at F8 and focused on infinity. Noise: non existent.

The above images have been cropped from a larger image (probably about 80%. The detail is amazing - no pixelating what so ever. The 16 megapixel sensor (shooting 14 bit) gives amazing detail.

Thank you Paul - thank you Nikon.

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