Saturday, November 24, 2012

Don't Run From Me!

FAST FOX by VonMurr
FAST FOX, a photo by VonMurr on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Me 25 y.o. Swamps at Białowieża Forest.

Beautiful day - I remember it clearly - four of us went there: me, P.T. (who took for me that picture) and our beautiful girlfriends: Henrietta & Agnieszka. We took some magic mushrooms, the spring green of stinging nettles was incredibly perfect (the swarms of blood thirsted mosquitoes a bit less) at the end of that walk I had last picture left in my camera and needed to choose between two girls lying laughing in the middle of a pond of mud and pink mushrooms... Guess what I choose?

I used to dye my hair multiple colors but foxy red was always my favorite one - I dyed my eyebrows and pubic hair too :)

Białowieża, Poland, 1994

35 mm, Nikon F-301, 50 mm standard lens, Provia 100