Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doo Dah Parade 2008, Pasadena

Via Flickr:
The Doo Dah Parade is a popular farcical and flamboyant parade held in Pasadena, California about once a year, usually in the fall or winter. Founded in 1976 as a response to the traditional formality of the Rose Parade, which is also held in Pasadena, the Doo Dah Parade features absurd participants such as the BBQ & Hibachi Marching Grill Team, The Shopping Cart Drill Team, The Bastard Sons of Lee Marvin, The Men of Leisure Synchronized Nap Team, The Marching Lumberjacks, Claude Rains & the 20-Man Memorial Invisible Man Marching Drill Team, and the Committee for the Right to Bear Arms, a group that marches in precise formations while carrying mannequin arms. Many groups participate in the Doo Dah Parade as a fundraising effort for various charities.