Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Connecticut River Fog/Sunset

Via Flickr:
Fog over the Connecticut River during sunset, taken from the shore in Glastonbury, CT at the site of the Rocky Hill/Glastonbury Ferry. The fog was lifting off the water. It was just amazing.


The Rocky Hill - Glastonbury Ferry is a seasonal ferry crossing the Connecticut River between the towns of Glastonbury, Connecticut and Rocky Hill, Connecticut and is part of Route 160. The river crossing has an annual average daily traffic of 400.

The ferry is the oldest continuously running ferry in the United States. Started in 1655 it actually pre-dates the foundation of the towns of Glastonbury and Rocky Hill, both towns then being part of Wethersfield, Connecticut at that time.

Originally a raft that was poled across the Connecticut River, it was then for a while powered by a horse on a treadmill before being upgraded to a steamship in 1876. Today's ferry is a 3-car barge named the Hollister III towed by a diesel towboat named the Cumberland.

Operating between May 1st and October 31st, the toll for cars is $3 and for cyclists & pedestrians is $1.

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