Monday, May 14, 2012

Trugo Gon monastery, Tibetan pilgrims,Manasarovar Lake and like a cherry on top, a Rainbow.

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Trugo Gon is the most active monastery around Lake Manasarovar. Originally Drukpa Kagyu, the monastery has long been affiliated to Shepeling at Purang, and its inner sanctum contains images of the Buddhas of the Three Times.
The complex is supervised by a reincarnate Gelukpa monk from Amdo named Lama Lobzang, who has been training younger monks over a number of years and has successfully established a pilgrim`s guest house, nearby, with a stupa Trugo Gon is also a location where Nepalese Brahmins come to make ritual ablutions in the lake waters.

They trek from the Limi valley in Northwest Nepal, to bathe here principally on the full moon in August during the monsoon when the rain and wind are numbingly cold. These thin, frail men recite mantras and prayers building up the stregth to walk naked into the lake and immerse themselves completely before rushing out to huddle around a small fire.