Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Memories by .Naina
Memories, a photo by .Naina on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Memories are the birds we never captured,
The wind we never felt,
The moments we never treasured,
The hands we never held.

Memories are the places we never visited,
The trees we never saw,
The frozen leaves on a broken branch,
That never seemed to thaw.

Memories are the papers we never kept,
The phones we didn't pick up,
The grass we never sat down in,
The water we never touched.

Memories are the rivers we never watched go by,
The rocks and the pebbles we never kicked,
The hawks in the sky we never noticed,
The ice cream cones we never licked.

Memories are the songs we never sang,
The tears that we never shed,
The angels we never whispered to,
Before going off to bed.

Memories are the paths we never tread,
The music that will never be stuck in our heads,
The dust that we will never see,
The people that we'll never be.

Memories by ~saltandpepper


Captured using a Hipstamatic 150.
B&W conversion and selective color done using PS CS5.