Monday, April 30, 2012


Flying, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

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Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Sure sign of Spring - Robin - Bird

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Spring is here! A robin in my front yard!

American Robin

Spring Bird - Birds

Toucan bird

Toucan bird by @Doug88888
Toucan bird, a photo by @Doug88888 on Flickr.

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Toucan bird

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Boeing + Birds

Boeing + Birds by Frizztext
Boeing + Birds, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

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saw a plane navigating through the birds - comment by maistora: "Birds on wires always remind me of notes: The plane = a somewhat dissonant note on the score sheet"

The Bird Is Curious.......

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I went out today with Paula . Had a GREAT girlies day out !

There was no aggression with these birds at all .... i think they are just use to being around people as there were so many people just coming around to feed them bread and crumbs so there was no attacking ... a bit of hissing ...but i think that was mostly at the other scavenger birds that were there ...pigeons ...seagulls....ducks...geese....crows ....magpies .... i really don't like birds but paula took me to this great place in Bray sooo there ya go :)


BIRDS by piyushanpara
BIRDS, a photo by piyushanpara on Flickr.

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Owl bird

Owl bird by @Doug88888
Owl bird, a photo by @Doug88888 on Flickr.

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Owl bird

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mini Stretched

Mini Stretched by kenjonbro
Mini Stretched, a photo by kenjonbro on Flickr.

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Stretched 1996 Rover Mini 1300


"Stretch" by karith
"Stretch", a photo by karith on Flickr.

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This baby giraffe is named Stretch. He's 10 days old in this photo. He was 6 feet tall when he was born! Too bad his face was shadowed, but he was doing as he was told about not showing off in front of the humans :)

Stretching & Concentration

Stretching & Concentration by Carlitos80
Stretching & Concentration, a photo by Carlitos80 on Flickr.

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Before the match.
Concentrazione e stretching prima del match.

wreck beach 01

wreck beach 01 by sabazius25
wreck beach 01, a photo by sabazius25 on Flickr.


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nudity is an intense phsyical freedom to be nude, to see a nude, to be inspired by sensuality and its' personal meanings. ... subjectively different for each one of us. Objectively - it thrills and delights as the mark of freedom, power, light, life, love and liberty in one human being form.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Lightscape by PHOTOFENNISH
Lightscape, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

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Spring 2012
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7


Landscape by Dror Miler
Landscape, a photo by Dror Miler on Flickr.

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ציור נוף
אקריליק על בד
110*80 ס"מ

Acrylic on canvas
110*80 cm

Other Paintings.

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Bodyscape 3

Bodyscape 3 by Kizzy Vatcharakomonphan
Bodyscape 3, a photo by Kizzy Vatcharakomonphan on Flickr.

Naked on the Beach

Naked on the Beach by ntwils87
Naked on the Beach, a photo by ntwils87 on Flickr.


Landscape by d o l f i
Landscape, a photo by d o l f i on Flickr.

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Landscape in South Bohemia

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Argentina landscape

Argentina landscape by @Doug88888
Argentina landscape, a photo by @Doug88888 on Flickr.

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Argentina landscape


Landscape by ►CubaGallery
Landscape, a photo by ►CubaGallery on Flickr.

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Before & After

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Cock's-comb  by I, DL.
Cock's-comb , a photo by I, DL. on Flickr.

So...what's on my mind today???


St Helens Place, London EC2R

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Taken 28 Feb 2008

Meat Cock

Meat Cock by hfb
Meat Cock, a photo by hfb on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Meat Cock! An ideal dish for a picnic! :)

I've had this cookbook for years now but had to laugh when I noticed this altogether too literal translation of 'lihakukko'. Either the editors were having a bit of fun or thought the dish really meant cock, not rooster, as the 'kalakukko' recipe was translated as 'fish in a crust' since, I guess, fish have no cocks. :)

I'd love to know how the dish came to be named kukko.

cock rock lightroom attempt 2

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Cock Rock or 'The Monument' in central Queensland. Bigger than yours.


cock by Samuel_Leo
cock, a photo by Samuel_Leo on Flickr.

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Cock carbonised matches - indian product - Nepal

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Cock carbonised matches - indian product - Nepal


Cock by partiallyblind
Cock, a photo by partiallyblind on Flickr.

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Can't go wrong with a bowl of cock...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under by cmortenson
Six Feet Under, a photo by cmortenson on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Strobist: 1 AB 1600 bare bulbed camera left at 3/4 power.Triggered by PWs

Nu Musique

Nu Musique by Dill Pixels
Nu Musique, a photo by Dill Pixels on Flickr.

Silly things to do when the slopes are closed

well come to our shop

well come to our shop by ksnaphappy
well come to our shop, a photo by ksnaphappy on Flickr.

Silly Photos

Silly Photos by LeeSFoster
Silly Photos, a photo by LeeSFoster on Flickr.

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Collection of silly images from around the web

Larry King Watching an NFL Game

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October 21, 2007.

Good Grief, It's Brezhnev

Good Grief, It's Brezhnev by John McNab
Good Grief, It's Brezhnev, a photo by John McNab on Flickr.

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With his very blue communist eyes.

Monday, April 23, 2012

building blocks

building blocks by PHOTOFENNISH
building blocks, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Blocked heart Chakra

Blocked heart Chakra by scottindermaur
Blocked heart Chakra, a photo by scottindermaur on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
From my series of blocked chakras. This is the Heart Chakra being blocked.

Block 11, Auswitch

Block 11, Auswitch by Della en Islandia
Block 11, Auswitch, a photo by Della en Islandia on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Block 11 was known as the "Death Block". It served several functions, of which the most important was its role as camp jail. Male and female prisoners from all parts of the camp complex were held in this building. Most of these people were suspected by the camp Gestapo of involvement in clandestine activities: attempting to escape, organizing mutinies, and maintaining contacts with the outside world.
Poles from outside the camp who had been arrested for rendering aid to prisoners were imprisoned there too. Followingbrutal interrogations, they were in most cases sentenced to death by shooting. In the early years of the camp The Strafkompanie (penal unit) and Erziehungskompanie (re-education unit) were also held in this block. The prisoners of the penal unit, to which alms all the Jewish men and Polis priests held in the camp at that time were sent on arrival, were assigned to the most back-breaking work; most of them died.
For some time the block also held the Sonderkommando, the special unit of prisoners employed to burn the bodies of the dead.
From 1943 on, Polizeihäftlinge (police detainees) were also held there. These were Poles from the area under the jurisdiction of the Gestapo in Katowice who were suspected of involvement in the resistance movement. They would be held in the block awaiting sentence from a special German summary court. Usually the penalty was death.
In the basement, known as the bunker, were punishment cells where the SS confined pioneers regarded as guilty violating camp regulations. In 1941 prisoners sentenced to eat by starvation were held in the block.
Over the period 3 - 5 september 1941, the SS carried out experiment in the basement with Zyklon B in preparation for the mass murder of Jews: 600 Soviet POWs and 250 Polish political prisoners, selected from the camp infirmary as human guinea-pigs for this experiments were murdered in the block in this way.

Chip Off the Old Block

Chip Off the Old Block by Owen's Law
Chip Off the Old Block, a photo by Owen's Law on Flickr.


Block by PaulvanDijk
Block, a photo by PaulvanDijk on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
joined the very powerful & ultrasecret force of M24 agents, got the first call from the headquarters today. First mission: to make a 'Block'-themed photograph. I tried something with a bottle of vodka blocking my toilet but that didn't work out (yet), so here's a block. (ill see if i can find a 'pushing the envelope' model for a reshoot for M24Diesel ^^)


Blocks by Felix63
Blocks, a photo by Felix63 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Blocks hanging on a Hamburg harbour crane.

Block E

Block E by John McNab
Block E, a photo by John McNab on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Minneapolis' infamous, now demolished, Block E, 1973. Porn shops, a steak house, a beauty school, a hellish Italian restaurant, a vegetable market, a post office, a bank, a record shop, a very bad hotel, a bowling alley, an adult cinema, a penny arcade preserved more or less intact as it was in 1935 - it was all here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Slow form

Slow form, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Spring 2012
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Slow down baby!

Slow down baby! by • Un2tresPorMi
Slow down baby!, a photo by • Un2tresPorMi on Flickr.

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Slow Photography - David McCourt

Via Flickr:
Press release image of Slow Photography camera.

The purpose of the Slow Photography camera is to provide a natural stepping-stone between using a mobile phone as a camera before taking the plunge into professional grade digital photography.

The Slow Photography camera has been designed as an alternate route in modern photography and requires the photographer to consider traditional photographic principles such as framing, composition and lens selection. The Slow Photography camera establishes that a mobile phone does not simply have to be a rudimentary point-and-shoot grade camera and takes a literal stance on a mobile phone applications for photography such as 'Hipstamatic'.

The concept for Slow Photography emerged from researching the ties between digital and analogue photography. I established that the processes involved in analogue photography are still relevant even with digital photography being so popular among photographers both amateur and professional. Flickr is undoubtably the most popular photograph sharing social network site among photographers and their statistics show that the Apple iPhone 4 is in the top 3 most used cameras (ahead of Canon's EOS Rebel XSi, second only to Nikon's D90). If people are being exposed to the joys of photography through mobile phones, Slow Photography can provide the creative freedom of an digital SLR with interchangeable lenses on their mobile phone.

To operate, slide the front face open and insert your mobile phone. Turn the lens to select which lens effect you want.
The Slow Photography camera has three lenses; fixed focal length, macro and fisheye. Carefully compose your shot by looking through the viewfinder and push the shutter release to capture your shot.

More images and a detailing video of the Slow Photography camera can be found at


slow by SandieLopez
slow, a photo by SandieLopez on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Slow step, admire better

Slow Motion 7D

Slow Motion 7D a video by ! Altamimi ! on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Slow Motion 7D

اول تجربه لي اتمنى تعجبكم ^_^


Slow by Halfangel36
Slow, a photo by Halfangel36 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I can see your face
In the morning sun
But I still wonder
Could you be the one
And if you wanna be
The only one for me
Then do it right
Let's go slow and start this thing right


Slow by theblackcloud
Slow, a photo by theblackcloud on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Discovering something new at Slow.

Friday, April 20, 2012


...give... by p*p
...give..., a photo by p*p on Flickr.

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...sage nicht, dass Du geben willst, sondern gib...

...dont say you want to give. Just give...

Large on nice...
:)View On Black

(I just LOVE it)



GOD by drlilley
GOD, a photo by drlilley on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
God is painting