Friday, March 30, 2012

The Holy Roman Empire,  Time, Sex, Healthcare and War and Greece, the 70's, Queen Elizabeth, the antichrist, Contraception and did I mention Sex?

Mini Cooper, Major Crash by PHOTOFENNISH
Mini Cooper, Major Crash, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.
The decade of the 70's is clearly a hallmark to the end of the Holy Roman Empire. It was in the 70's that we really began to believe in contraception and followed it with such reckless abandon that we found ourselves in the 1980's with AIDS and Ronald Reagan.

Now, I'm not for the end of civilization entirely, but I have lived in Greece. And I have to say it was amazing. If there was one place to which I would return to stay it would be Greece. The islands though, Athens was very slippery and kinda dirty. What's going on there now is amazing. I hope the people win. But, anyway...

Regardless of the 70's, or Obama, or even Bush, civilization is not coming to an end as many would say, it is becoming a beginning. We are only on the very cusp of learning what it means to be human, let alone civilized. Humanity has only been around for a few millenia. We've hardly stretch our wings.

The history of the Earth is so much greater than this moment. But there is one thing for certain, The United States is a moral beacon in the world at large and I believe we are becoming more aware of that as a whole as these current moments progress. There is right and wrong. There is good and evil. There are rich and poor.

I think we need to accept the fact that we print money now in this country. We don't rely on anything from the ground to value our currency. Therefor, we can indeed afford to provide our citizens universal coverage, birth to death, and contraception beforehand. I think: "every child: a wanted child" is a pretty good motto. Queen Elizabeth was the first to recognize that a country is responsible for its inhabitants and we cannot argue that our culture though very diverse and somehow also catholic (small c) is firmly planted in English soil.

Unfortunately, we ran too much to imperialism under Herr Bush. It fascinates me how this truly wicked man could somehow roll fascism, imperialism and capitalism all into one and still come up a loser...but who am I to judge an antichrist. We cannot invade another country again, for any purpose. Obama had it right in Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and hopefully, Iran. Israel will take care of Iran, they might make it into a piece of glass, but that's their game, not ours. We need first to take care of ourselves. As Jesus said: "How can you help me if you can't even help yourself."

The liberalism of our sexuality though initially devastating has helped us to grow as a culture and we can only get better from here. So let us embrace this moment, though there will undoubtedly be more, there's no guarantee there will be for you. Take deep breaths! Stop Rushing! Look around! Soak it in! Only God knows how many more moments you'll have. Really live in the ones you have left.

I mean, who knew I'd ever walk away from that crash except maybe the makers of MiniCooper?


Via Flickr:
This is what happened to the 116th Mini Cooper sold in CT.
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7