Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Dimension

Blue Dimension by Ben Heine
Blue Dimension, a photo by Ben Heine on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
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A lovely landscape I captured in Naxos, Greece . I first thought
this was a small toilet block, but not at all. It's a magic door. :)

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I’m going to Blue Dimension

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

I’m going to blue dimension
Thru my own magic door
It’s truly a comprehension
And borderline of life’s seashore
In times on passing by
And giving its heart content
It opens to the blue sky
When feeling are in relent

It shows you the magic hours
And all that you can give
Its grass is of wild and flowers
That you on truly must live
To enjoy the moments they make
In magic that is passing on
When you from its dreams awake
It never is really gone

So open your blue dimension door
To see what is there inside
And what’s in your heart’s lore
In thoughts you did put aside
There are moments of their truth
In everything that we all do
It’s magic of infinity youth
As days come and get on thru

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