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The Holy Roman Empire,  Time, Sex, Healthcare and War and Greece, the 70's, Queen Elizabeth, the antichrist, Contraception and did I mention Sex?

Mini Cooper, Major Crash by PHOTOFENNISH
Mini Cooper, Major Crash, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.
The decade of the 70's is clearly a hallmark to the end of the Holy Roman Empire. It was in the 70's that we really began to believe in contraception and followed it with such reckless abandon that we found ourselves in the 1980's with AIDS and Ronald Reagan.

Now, I'm not for the end of civilization entirely, but I have lived in Greece. And I have to say it was amazing. If there was one place to which I would return to stay it would be Greece. The islands though, Athens was very slippery and kinda dirty. What's going on there now is amazing. I hope the people win. But, anyway...

Regardless of the 70's, or Obama, or even Bush, civilization is not coming to an end as many would say, it is becoming a beginning. We are only on the very cusp of learning what it means to be human, let alone civilized. Humanity has only been around for a few millenia. We've hardly stretch our wings.

The history of the Earth is so much greater than this moment. But there is one thing for certain, The United States is a moral beacon in the world at large and I believe we are becoming more aware of that as a whole as these current moments progress. There is right and wrong. There is good and evil. There are rich and poor.

I think we need to accept the fact that we print money now in this country. We don't rely on anything from the ground to value our currency. Therefor, we can indeed afford to provide our citizens universal coverage, birth to death, and contraception beforehand. I think: "every child: a wanted child" is a pretty good motto. Queen Elizabeth was the first to recognize that a country is responsible for its inhabitants and we cannot argue that our culture though very diverse and somehow also catholic (small c) is firmly planted in English soil.

Unfortunately, we ran too much to imperialism under Herr Bush. It fascinates me how this truly wicked man could somehow roll fascism, imperialism and capitalism all into one and still come up a loser...but who am I to judge an antichrist. We cannot invade another country again, for any purpose. Obama had it right in Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and hopefully, Iran. Israel will take care of Iran, they might make it into a piece of glass, but that's their game, not ours. We need first to take care of ourselves. As Jesus said: "How can you help me if you can't even help yourself."

The liberalism of our sexuality though initially devastating has helped us to grow as a culture and we can only get better from here. So let us embrace this moment, though there will undoubtedly be more, there's no guarantee there will be for you. Take deep breaths! Stop Rushing! Look around! Soak it in! Only God knows how many more moments you'll have. Really live in the ones you have left.

I mean, who knew I'd ever walk away from that crash except maybe the makers of MiniCooper?


Via Flickr:
This is what happened to the 116th Mini Cooper sold in CT.
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Crash landing in Deventer

Via Flickr:
When you have had too many drinks in this Café, your head may feel the same as the head of the witch after the crash landing.

Trust me, I'm familiar with the feeling....

Katy Perry crashing the 2010 MHS Formal [2/5]

Via Flickr:
Katy Perry crashed the Melbourne High School formal held at The Grand Hyatt on August 13th.

Featured on page 3 of the Herald Sun (16-08-10)

Full story here:


Crash by zwigmar
Crash, a photo by zwigmar on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A crash in computing is a condition where a program (either an application or part of the operating system) stops performing its expected function and also stops responding to other parts of the system. Often the offending program may simply appear to freeze. If this program is a critical part of the operating system kernel the entire computer may crash (a system crash).

The term "crash" may originate in the phrase "head crash" which would occur when the read/write heads in a hard disk would physically come into contact with (i.e., crash into) the disk surface. The result of this would usually be that the computer would freeze up.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Crashing Down

Crashing Down by HitStation
Crashing Down, a photo by HitStation on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Crashing Down

Crash Caught on Film

Crash Caught on Film by CatsFive
Crash Caught on Film, a photo by CatsFive on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I was so far away, all I could do was snap the shot of Cannon crashing off his little bike. It was quite a long hill and there was quite a curve!

PHE10 Y CÁMARA ABIERTA 2.0: ¿El tiempo congelado¿

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Nude Freedom Day

Nude Freedom Day by aberrantart
Nude Freedom Day, a photo by aberrantart on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The celebratory crowd moves through the neighborhood.

February 2012

February 2012 by PHOTOFENNISH
February 2012, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
You hear an unearthly sound descending upon the town and suddenly you are blanketed by a thousand boids.
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7


Untitled by Kemon01
Untitled, a photo by Kemon01 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
19 Aug 1962, Santa Monica, California, USA --- Kennedy Surrounded by Admirers. Santa Monica, California: President John F. Kennedy is surrounded by a crowd, some in swim clothes, others in regular dress, as he takes a dip August 19th. While spending the afternoon relaxing at the home of Peter Lawford, Mr. Kennedy left the fenced-in beach in back of the house and took a 20-minute dip. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

geverfde halfnaakte indiase tempeldames

Via Flickr:
These got a lot of cheers from the crowd.

Delhi rickshaw wallahs look for fares- rush hour

Too hot for the crowd

Too hot for the crowd by asianz
Too hot for the crowd, a photo by asianz on Flickr.

Thank God for Little Black Dots

Rush Hour

Rush Hour by Scott Nolan
Rush Hour, a photo by Scott Nolan on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Rush hour line up for the tube in london... this is during the heat wave, imagine when it rains :O

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naked spring

naked spring by nearSurfaceImages
naked spring, a photo by nearSurfaceImages on Flickr.

Thought it's's Spring!

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch

Via Flickr:
Sydney's Carriageworks caught fashion fever tonight as the Myer Spring Summer 2011/12 Collection launched.

Vintage maxi dresses, bikini, floppy hats and funky music was all the rage.

Myer ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins (former Miss Universe... just in case you forgot) and male model Kris Smith were the catwalk headliners. The new brands welcomed in were Sass & Bide, Fleur Wood and Jayson Brunsdon Black Label.

Hawkins opened the show for the 500 guests, in an eye-catching sass & bide ensemble, complete with a long, gold sequinned jacket.

'Our Jen' spruiked Cozi, which was fairly well received. Controversial Wayne Cooper did his thing, as did Leona Edmiston. Cooper featured lots of pink dresses, tops and trousers; a beige silk suit and a nude - white jumpsuit. Edmiston played it relatively safe with black dresses, complimented with fingerless gloves and head scarves.

Judy Coomber, Myer group general manager of fashion and accessories, went with a foursome of themes in the impressive collection.

The first is about bold colours including tangerine, emerald, gold, red, purple and fuchsia.

Myer's range also includes Riviera-inspired ensembles. Vintage remains popular, with softish florals, maxi dresses and big hats.

So ladies, believe me, there will be plenty of opportunities to splash your fashion dollar on this season in just about any fashion that takes your fancy.

i feel the shining sun

Via Flickr:
daniel. cologne.

Sea Glass and Sun

Sea Glass and Sun by PHOTOFENNISH
Sea Glass and Sun, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.


Summer has come and gone. Spring visited by night and sent us back to Winter. Fear not, it's just to kill the mosquitoes off...we'd have never survived them. Spring is here. And summer will quickly follow.

Via Flickr:
Winter 2011
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Glass By: Roni Siegal

Spring Buds...

Spring Buds... by Attila con la cámara
Spring Buds..., a photo by Attila con la cámara on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I took this in my back yard on the first day of Spring (took a while to develop the film). It was so exciting to see the naked tree budding, it's now covered with leaves.

Olympus OM-20 50mm f/3.5 Zuiko Macro
Fuji Proplus 200


Spring! by Vetuv
Spring!, a photo by Vetuv on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
It's here! Im looking forward to seeing everyones spring shots. Here's my first of the season. I may have gone overboard on the processing (easy for me to do).

oh! I hit 1000+ views! I know this is small change to everyone here, nevertheless a milestone in my book ^__^

View on BLACK!

David Carbonara - Lip Stick

[+34° 4' 13.25", -118° 26' 32.09"]


spring by sadisticoshy
spring, a photo by sadisticoshy on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Spring photomanipulation with my friend Jenny

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A pair of eggs

A pair of eggs by Alessio Vidal ©
A pair of eggs, a photo by Alessio Vidal © on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The first picture for my new project "strange food".


John by ebehler
John, a photo by ebehler on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
sucker # 1 in the famous tub. if churchhill's ass could take it, so could yours.

Almost Dinnertime

Almost Dinnertime by PHOTOFENNISH
Almost Dinnertime, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Marker on Photopaper


drunk by Michael Sarver
drunk, a photo by Michael Sarver on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Despite the fact that we were having a baptism service, this drunk guy decided to take a nap just to the side of our gathering...

Baptism Service. October 2, 2005.

Bang Saen, Thailand. 2005.

Eat me !

Eat me ! by barier
Eat me !, a photo by barier on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Grapefruit says , Eat me !

pacman food bank display- repost to celebrate 30 years

Via Flickr:
This is one of the displays that were made by different groups. The cans and other foods used in creating these displays will go to the Vancouver food bank and be shared among those who are in need of help to survive .
From what I saw, the cans used in each display range from 3,000 cans to more than 7,000 cans. That is awesome for their collection drive. The display also generates some income from the by donation entrance to view them.

much better here for some new ones


EPICUREAN DELIGHTS, a photo by Robotic Kid on Flickr.

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Packing oranges at a co-op orange packing plant, Redlands, Calif. Santa Fe R.R. trip (LOC)

Via Flickr:
Delano, Jack,, photographer.

Packing oranges at a co-op orange packing plant, Redlands, Calif. Santa Fe R.R. trip

1943 March

1 transparency : color.

Title from FSA or OWI agency caption.
Transfer from U.S. Office of War Information, 1944.

Southern California Fruit Exchange
World War, 1939-1945
Citrus fruit industry
United States--California--Redlands

Format: Transparencies--Color

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Part Of: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Collection 12002-10 (DLC) 93845501

General information about the FSA/OWI Color Photographs is available at

Persistent URL:

Call Number: LC-USW36-881


Orange by Daniel Mauch
Orange, a photo by Daniel Mauch on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
the orange woman


Orange by Raja Islam
Orange, a photo by Raja Islam on Flickr.

December 2011

December 2011 by PHOTOFENNISH
December 2011, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Make a nice fire again tonight.

Via Flickr:
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Orange burst

Orange burst by ClayStein
Orange burst, a photo by ClayStein on Flickr.

Brick wall? Climb it.

"Orange Pleasure"

"Orange Pleasure" by Markus_76
"Orange Pleasure", a photo by Markus_76 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
pic by Josh M.


nude_with_oranges by Inninn
nude_with_oranges, a photo by Inninn on Flickr.

Matisse was a Fauvist!

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Yellow gingko

Yellow gingko by floridapfe
Yellow gingko, a photo by floridapfe on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Yellow gingko @ everland.korea


yellow by nin-a
yellow, a photo by nin-a on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
rule n:o 1: your car's gotta match the environment ;)

matthew liquid8

matthew liquid8 by clementsiscool
matthew liquid8, a photo by clementsiscool on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Matthew's got picture perfect skin. I hate him.
now, now, play nice...


Sunflowers by PHOTOFENNISH
Sunflowers, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

(Jesus) plays with gOldfrapp

(Jesus) plays with gOldfrapp by (jennY)
(Jesus) plays with gOldfrapp, a photo by (jennY) on Flickr.
Forget Deuteronomy, and though Paul was converted, he was also a murderer.

Here's What Christ Jesus actually said...himself, quoted by Matthew, in the Bible, itself, about being gay:

"All men cannot receive this saying save they to whom it is given. For there are some gay who are so born of their mother's womb; and there are some gay that were made so by men; and there be gays who have made themselves gay for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, Let him receive it."

Matthew 19:12

Put that in your Pope and smoke it.

Now let's move on to Murder... still bad.


yellow hill (a.k.a. find the bee)

Via Flickr:
The Yellow Hills of Goodness

OKAY! For the love of Pete. In case you didn't see all the little notes clustered in the top right, it's no fun if you put a NOTE where the little bee is, cause then no one else gets to look for it. It's like solving the crossword in the paper, in pen, then putting the paper back. Resist the urge!!

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


yellow by ajay213
yellow, a photo by ajay213 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Flying, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Donga stick fighting in Surma tribe - Omo valley Ethiopia

Via Flickr:
Suddenly the rain came, and the fights had to stop, and all the warriors were wearing their blue clothes, waiting like ghosts in the battlefield...
Allt he body paintings they had made for hours had gone in few seconds...washed away by the water.

One of the main Surma / Suri customs is stick fighting. This ritual and sport is called Donga or Sagenai (Saginay). Donga is both the name of the sport and the stick, whereas sagenai is the name of the stick-fighting session. Stick fighting is central in Suri culture. In most cases, stick fighting is a way for warriors to find girlfriends, it can also be a way to settle conflicts. On this occasion men show their courage, their virility and their resistance to pain, to the young women. The fights are held between Suri villages, and begin with 20 to 30 people on each side, and can end up with hundreds of warriors involved. Suri are famous for stick fighting, but they are not the only ones to respect such a custom, as the neighbor tribe, the Mursi, also practice these traditional fights. The day before the sagenai, fighters have to purge themselves. They do it by drinking a special preparation, called dokai, which is made of the bark of a special tree, which is mixed with water. After taking it, warriors make themselves vomiting the drink. The water is supposed to bring with it many of the body’s impurities. After this ritual they don’t eat until the following morning. Warriors walk kilometers to come fighting at Sagenai, which takes place in a clearing. They stop when crossing a river in order to wash themselves, before decorating their bodies for the fight. They decorate themselves by sliding the fingers full of clay on the warrior’s bodies. This dressing up and decoration is meant to show their beauty and virility and thus catch the women’s attention. The phallic shape ending the sticks contributes to that virile demonstration. Fighters arrive on the Donga field all together, carrying the strongest man,dancing and singing. Some fighters wear colourful headdresses sometimes with feathers on it, and also knee-protectors. But most of them use no protection at all and fight completely naked in order to show their bravery. They also wear strings of decorative coloured beads around their necks given by the girls and waist, but their genitals are most of the time uncovered and they are barefoot. All of them get a chance to fight one on one, against someone from the other side. In the beginning each fighter looks for an opponent of the same stature, and exchanges a few held back blows with him in order to test him. If both fighters feel they have found a match, they suddendly throw themselves into the fight, hitting ferocious fast strokes with their sticks. If one of the warriors knocked out or puts paid to his opponent, he immediately declares himself the winner. Sagenai consists in qualifying rounds, each winner fighting the winner of a previous fight, until two finalists are left. It is strictly forbidden to hit a man when he is down on the ground. During these fights there are referees present to make sure all rules are being followed. Many stick fights end within the first couple of hits. Nevertheless the fights are really violent, and it is quite usual to see men bleeding. Stick fighting has proven to be dangerous because people have died from being hit in the stomach. Loosing an eye or a leg during the fight is quite common, although it is strictly forbidden for a fighter to kill his opponent, and if a fighter gets killed during the fight, his opponent and all his family are banned from the village for life. For the other locals, especially teenagers, sagenai is a great outing. Girls watch the fights, but it is also the occasion to check out the men, and to meet in order to chat or even gossip. At the end of the fights, the winners point their phallic sticks in direction of the girls they want to date with, if the girl put a necklace around the stick, it means she is willing to date the champion.

© Eric Lafforgue


Simon_Lewis_(6_of_21).jpg by Simon_Lewis
Simon_Lewis_(6_of_21).jpg, a photo by Simon_Lewis on Flickr.

Off we go into the Wild Blue Yonder....

New Photo Campaign for the Airforce.

Blue Dimension

Blue Dimension by Ben Heine
Blue Dimension, a photo by Ben Heine on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
© Ben Heine || Facebook || Twitter ||

A lovely landscape I captured in Naxos, Greece . I first thought
this was a small toilet block, but not at all. It's a magic door. :)

For more information about my art:

I’m going to Blue Dimension

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

I’m going to blue dimension
Thru my own magic door
It’s truly a comprehension
And borderline of life’s seashore
In times on passing by
And giving its heart content
It opens to the blue sky
When feeling are in relent

It shows you the magic hours
And all that you can give
Its grass is of wild and flowers
That you on truly must live
To enjoy the moments they make
In magic that is passing on
When you from its dreams awake
It never is really gone

So open your blue dimension door
To see what is there inside
And what’s in your heart’s lore
In thoughts you did put aside
There are moments of their truth
In everything that we all do
It’s magic of infinity youth
As days come and get on thru

blue bug

blue bug by hjselde
blue bug, a photo by hjselde on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
spiffy blue punch bug in front of the sandy beige storefront. beetle was a similar color to the cardigan i just bought for warmth, so I had to capture the moment.

[Blue grotto, Capri Island, Italy] (LOC)

Via Flickr:
[Blue grotto, Capri Island, Italy]

[between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900].

1 photomechanical print : photochrom, color.

Title from the Detroit Publishing Co., Catalogue J--foreign section, Detroit, Mich. : Detroit Publishing Company, 1905.
Print no. "1871".
Forms part of: Views of architecture and other sites in Italy in the Photochrom print collection.

Italy--Capri Island.

Format: Photochrom prints--Color--1890-1900.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on reproduction.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Part Of: Views of architecture and other sites in Italy (DLC) 2001700650

More information about the Photochrom Print Collection is available at

Persistent URL:

Call Number: LOT 13434, no. 006 [item]

Gravity !

Gravity ! by ManicMandy
Gravity !, a photo by ManicMandy on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
She is a wonderful lady to another fertility rite sculpture in Bolton Museum............she sits in a case of other African Artifacts and is such fun. Not much is known of her or the basket on her head or her colouring just that she is ripe and fertile..........Lovely :-)

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Sally in a Fiat

Sally in a Fiat by PHOTOFENNISH
Sally in a Fiat, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Theorize New York
Art at the Wyndham, Chelsea
March 8-11

Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7