Saturday, February 18, 2012

She lights up my life as the power dies.....

Via Flickr:
Always each and every day she is there my heart and my sight and my very being.
She epitomises true grit and tenacity and was a fabulous Burlesque dancer and singer, in 1922 onwards.
Her name is Josephine Baker and she lived her life as a famous French lady of notable power. She married many times and her first was at the age of 13 !!!
She was the first Black American to dance on the stage of the Follies Bergeres in Paris in 1922.
She fled the deep south of america where she knew she would be consumed by its racist hatred of black people.

She was adopted by france and became the darling of stage and song. Her dances mostly clothed by frills or feathers or very little . She had a hair style that was using treacle and tar mixes to flatten it and make it shine. She became famous also for her own brand of haircream - the precursor of gel today.

During WW2 she was an international star and given the privilege of moving around the World without question. She was also a spy for the Free French and the Resistance. here she used to hide coded messages in her music and when played to international places the messages would be broadcast as clear as day and in front of the SS and Gestapo.

She then fell in love and bought a castle - my castle - a castle of fairytales and legend......Les Milandes
She filled it with children from all races creed colour and they became her Rainbow tribe.
Alas she spent more than she had made and lost her tribe and castle only to be evicted by the new owners- destitute and alone. She went back to the stage and died later in April 1975.

I have a fascination with her and have many pictures that are limited editions, books , videos and music by her. She inspires me to continue my life in the face of adversity and not ever to give up ......she is the reason i am still alive :-)

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