Monday, February 20, 2012

President Ford and Maiko Ichiume 1974


Via Flickr:
Ichiume was Liza Dalby’s Onesan (Older Sister) during her training as a Geiko in 1975 and features prominently in her book, “Geisha” first published in 1983, which begins with the tragic story of Ichiume’s accidental death in a fire in 1978 at just 25 years old.

On the reverse of this press photo is a newspaper clipping that reads as follows: “Presidential Snack – As a geisha girl scrutinizes his style, President Ford manipulates a shrimp with chopsticks at a festive dinner Thursday night in Kyoto, Japan. This shrimp eluded him but, overall, the president was equal to the task. Ford’s arrival in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday is described on Page 4A; pictures of his last day in Japan are on the Back Page.” The picture is labelled as an AP Photo (Associated Press Photograph). 22 Nov. 1974.

Unfortunately, this is a Wire photograph sent by facsimile, so it is not as crisp as a first generation photograph.

“Wire photos are the result of what used to be breakthrough technology (now completely obsolete) that allowed a photographic image to be scanned, transmitted over "the wire" (telegraph, phone, satellite networks) and then printed at the receiving location. They are often on thinner, slick paper (very similar to old thermal roll fax machines) and often fade or become sepia toned quicker than traditional silver halide prints. Long removed from commercial use, these artefacts represent an important era in the history of news media.”

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