Monday, February 27, 2012

1500 US Dollars?

1500 US Dollars? by Island-Life
1500 US Dollars?, a photo by Island-Life on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
If you don't know, I love old stuff! I mean really old stuff! As a child I used to collect old coins. At one time I had a rather extensive coin collection.

Today I was in an Afghan bazaar. Most of the things sold in this market are not the real deal. Countless items from clothing to pirated DVDs to supposed thousands of years old artifacts can be purchased at this market. I'm just not enough of an "expert" to know what is counterfeit and what is real.

The coins pictured here were all in one glass case. I was told by the Afghani vendor that these coins were real, very old and ranged from many different periods in Afghanistan history from Alexander the Great to the Russians. I'm skeptical, though! I have a friend who used to live in Kabul and he tells me that he has actually seen blacksmiths in Kabul forging counterfeit coins - the same kinds of coins you see here.

If there are any experts on this subject I'd really appreciate it if you could shed some light on this issue: tips, tricks and what to look for and watch out for as far as determining whether or not these coins are authentic or modern replicas.

Thanks! ;-)

Oh, I asked how much the entire case of coins would be. I was quoted at 1500 U.S. Dollars - though I know I could talk the price down considerably!

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