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St. Anthony

St. Anthony, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

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Autumn 2007

Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Snake Sect Sadhu (Magh Mela) © Tom Carter Pictures of India

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Photography Prohibited at India’s 2010 Kumbh Mela:
Paramilitary presence at Hindu religious gathering bar photos at Hardiwar Har-Ki-Pairi; cites terrorism, nudity.

Paramilitary control of India’s massive Kumbh Mela religious pilgrimage in Hardiwar have extended security measures to prohibit western tourists from taking photos at Har-Ki-Pairi temple, warned American travel photographer Tom Carter.

The three month-long bathing festival along the holy Ganges river in northern Uttarakhand state occurs once every 12 years and is expected to see 50 million Hindu devotees performing “puja” (prayers) and washing away their sins in the sub-zero waters, however camera-toting international tourists will be disappointed when they are turned away at the entrance.

“Only photojournalists with official Mela-stamped press passes are being allowed in the Harkipairi bathing ghats to take photos; casual photographers have to keep their cameras at their hotel or risk a tongue lashing or, worse, confiscation of your gear,” said Carter following his attendance of the Purna Kumbha Mela Makar Sankranti and Mauni Amavasya and Surya Grahan Solar Eclipse first and second snan (baths) on January 14-15, 2010. “I spent not a little time and money getting to Hardiwar, and I know other westerners will too, so I think it is only fair to give my fellow photogs advance notice.”

“After being thrown out of Har-Ki-Pairi one too many times for taking pictures, I diligently sought, and was granted, an audience with the Inspector General himself in charge of Mela security to try to obtain a ‘pedestrian photo permit.’ But as courteous as he was to actually hear my appeal, I was still denied the permit because I lack a J-Visa.”

The inspector told Carter that terrorism threats as well as the “lakhs” of nude bathers were the main reasons to restrict photography at the bathing ghats. Carter claims, however, that he saw Indian tourists left alone to snap photos, suggesting a double standard against westerners on the part of Mela enforcers.

Nonetheless, despite over 100 closed-circuit cameras, numerous companies of armed constables and 20,000 police personnel on high alert, Carter says he and other nimble photographers lacking accreditation were still able to appropriate the occasional shot. Some of Carter’s Mela images have recently been uploaded onto his Flickr account here:

“I was planning on attending the Maha Shivratri Pratham Shahi Snan first royal bath on February 12 and the main royal bath on April 14 to photograph the infamous Naga Sadhu processions, however I was informed that tourists won’t even be allowed in the proximity of HarKiPairi on those dates. Westerners be warned!!!”

Carter says he will continue to appeal to Mela administrators to get his hands on a press pass so that he can document the triennial ritualistic bathing of what is considered the largest religious gathering of Hindus in the world. Alternatively, he suggests the natural setting and more laid-back atmosphere of the Magh Mela at Sangam in Allahabad.


Travel photographer Tom Carter will be backpacking to every state in India over the next several years to complete his next book of photography INDIA: Portrait of a People. Carter’s first book, the critically praised CHINA: Portrait of a People, will be sold on Amazon.Com beginning this June. Help support Tom Carter’s travels by ordering your advanced copy today.


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“I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

*God bless my mom.


Comments with photos will be deleted.

Prayer Flags-Yubeng Trek-Deqin-Yunnan Province-China

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Prayer Flags on the Yubeng Trek near Deqin in Yunnan Province, China


Prayer by tim613
Prayer, a photo by tim613 on Flickr.

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A man in prayer on the boardwalk in Atlantic City NJ

Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags by spake_zarathustra
Prayer Flags, a photo by spake_zarathustra on Flickr.

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Prayer flags in Darjeeling India

5176 Ivolginsky datsan, Иволгинский Дацан

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Percepção by schietti
Percepção, a photo by schietti on Flickr.

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“Não é indicativo de saúde estar bem ajustado a uma sociedade profundamente doente” (J. Krisshnamurti). Dreamer não consegue ajustar-se à sociedade que o cerca e questiona os valores que lhe foram impostos.

"It is no measure of health to be well adsusted to a profoundly sick society" (J. Krishnamurti). Dreamer can't adapt himself to the society that surrounds him and questions the distorted values that were imposed to him.

"Dura é a luta contra o desejo, que compra o que quer, à custa da alma" (Heráclito)

foto: Vitor Schietti
modelos: Lucas Araújo, Flávio Losada, Iremar Rodrigues.
assistente de fotografia: Jean Peixoto e Anabelle Mota
produção de figurino: Fabrício Viana
maquiagem: Diego Reboredo
tratamento e manipulação: Vitor Schietti
design de letras: Eudaldo Sobrinho
agradecimentos: Rosani Montalvão e Emílio César Marchi e Eduardo Talley

see it larger at:

buy it at:

larger prints are available upon request:

It made it to the 18th edition of the online art magazine Ideafixa:

two loVers and OnE ciGar

two loVers and OnE ciGar by schietti
two loVers and OnE ciGar, a photo by schietti on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Gonne EXPLORE on Feb 10, 2008

bRitiSH SensE of hUmoUR

bRitiSH SensE of hUmoUR by schietti
bRitiSH SensE of hUmoUR, a photo by schietti on Flickr.

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street artist near the Parlament, making fun of their eternal joke: Hitler.
You should have seen him playing with a child passing by... so bloody weird!

Sense of humor in Italy

Sense of humor in Italy by elviraZ
Sense of humor in Italy, a photo by elviraZ on Flickr.

For Clare

Toilet Humour

Toilet Humour by rnwhalley
Toilet Humour, a photo by rnwhalley on Flickr.

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Find out more about this image on my blog

punx wedgie

punx wedgie by konstantin sergeyev
punx wedgie, a photo by konstantin sergeyev on Flickr.

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tompkins square park, nyc august 3, 2008

Internationales Stadionfest Berlin (ISTAF) – International Stadium Sport Festival Berlin (ISTAF)

Super Wedgie!

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ISTAF, Berlin 2009, Deutschland
ISTAF, Berlin 2009, Germany
ISTAF, Berlin 2009, Tyskland

Aufgenommen mit Minolta-Konica Dynax 5D

Monday, February 27, 2012


David by Mark Scanlon
David, a photo by Mark Scanlon on Flickr.

Good Stuff is Old Stuff

Winchester House 2

Winchester House 2 by PHOTOFENNISH
Winchester House 2, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

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Summer 2008
Mrs. Winchester was obsessed with spiders and building. She never finished this house and built obsessively in order to confuse the many ghosts she believed were after her due to their demise at the hands of Winchester Firearms.
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Thanks to chase alias for the photoshop.

1500 US Dollars?

1500 US Dollars? by Island-Life
1500 US Dollars?, a photo by Island-Life on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
If you don't know, I love old stuff! I mean really old stuff! As a child I used to collect old coins. At one time I had a rather extensive coin collection.

Today I was in an Afghan bazaar. Most of the things sold in this market are not the real deal. Countless items from clothing to pirated DVDs to supposed thousands of years old artifacts can be purchased at this market. I'm just not enough of an "expert" to know what is counterfeit and what is real.

The coins pictured here were all in one glass case. I was told by the Afghani vendor that these coins were real, very old and ranged from many different periods in Afghanistan history from Alexander the Great to the Russians. I'm skeptical, though! I have a friend who used to live in Kabul and he tells me that he has actually seen blacksmiths in Kabul forging counterfeit coins - the same kinds of coins you see here.

If there are any experts on this subject I'd really appreciate it if you could shed some light on this issue: tips, tricks and what to look for and watch out for as far as determining whether or not these coins are authentic or modern replicas.

Thanks! ;-)

Oh, I asked how much the entire case of coins would be. I was quoted at 1500 U.S. Dollars - though I know I could talk the price down considerably!


Old icelandic stuff...

Old icelandic stuff... by benzmar
Old icelandic stuff..., a photo by benzmar on Flickr.

the boy with heart broken

the boy with heart broken by misspaq
the boy with heart broken, a photo by misspaq on Flickr.

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old stuff
september 2005


decoradio by orinoko42
decoradio, a photo by orinoko42 on Flickr.

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I saw this in the corner of a cafe. I wonder if it plays old programs.

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Aye. aye!

Aye. aye!, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

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Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7


Jonny by TGKW
Jonny, a photo by TGKW on Flickr.

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Basking in what Milan Kundera calls "that marvellous swinging between wakefulness and sleep which in itself is enough to keep us from regretting our birth."

Man, Boy, Beast

Man, Boy, Beast by polaroidgurl
Man, Boy, Beast, a photo by polaroidgurl on Flickr.


body-painting by Thomas Mayr
body-painting, a photo by Thomas Mayr on Flickr.

He Is

He Is by TGKW
He Is, a photo by TGKW on Flickr.

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An outtake from a shoot for the club night I Am.

Glasgow, 2010.


Untitled by kargaltsev
Untitled, a photo by kargaltsev on Flickr.

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пошли! Я утолю твою жажду своей!

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Asian Pillow

Asian Pillow by PHOTOFENNISH
Asian Pillow, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

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Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7


134/365 by Jiuck
134/365, a photo by Jiuck on Flickr.

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I'm just waiting 'till the end of the day...

I'm flying today to the village of my parents.

I hope to take a lot of photos!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Town Hall

Town Hall, a photo by PHOTOFENNISH on Flickr.

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Willimantic, USA 2011
It doesn't appear stable in real life, but that's our tower. over 100 years old and remarkably standing. It went through one of those microburst intstant hurricanes and survived. Both Great Oaks came down in front, but that tower stands. Some say it's haunted, but I say not yet.
Sony Carl Zeiss
2, 8-5/7, 9-23,7

Blue chairs on the lido

Blue chairs on the lido by
Blue chairs on the lido, a photo by on Flickr.

Hands in the sky

Hands in the sky by
Hands in the sky, a photo by on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Applauding hands at a Danish open air music Festival in Århus

Multicoloured autumn leaves

Two men framed by denim legs

Via Flickr:
From a Danish open air music festival

Release The Hounds

Release The Hounds by The365spiritsearch
Release The Hounds, a photo by The365spiritsearch on Flickr.

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I feel like a fox trying to figure his way out.
Desperately searching.......the sound of braying hounds in the distance.

Just now getting settled after moving 2 weeks ago.
To where you ask?
Sadly, back in with my parents.


I feel like this is a step backward.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm truly blessed to have my parents around to fall back on when times get tough....
(Like now, broke as I am)
But its frustrating......I mean shit.....I'm 30 this year......I should have a place of my own by now....


All that aside, life's been pretty fucking hectic!
I'm preparing hardcore for this art show in April.
Lots of stressing, some crying, a few eureka moments, and A LOT of planning.

Please cross your fingers for the next two months for me ;-)

Of course work has been next to nothing....
Hence the broke part.
So that's enough about that.......

And the friend that I've made, Brandon, has become a quick BFF.....quicker than either of us had figured!
Have you ever met someone (in a non sexual context) and just immediately hit it off with them? You have everything in common, you know what the other is thinking, and as a result end up hanging out EVERY NIGHT (but one) for a month straight?

Well that's pretty much how our friendship has progressed.
We've both helped each other out in SO many ways since we'd started hanging out.
It's almost as if the universe conspired to put us in each others way.....

What do we do each night we hang out?
Read cards!
Oh yes, I've gotten much more into my tarot cards since chillin' with Brandon.
He even gifted me a deck of Gypsy Witch Cards from pre-1930s!
And we both have become scary accurate with our readings......both individually and when trying to read tandem with each other.

I think we're actually gonna start a little metaphysical group in the future.
Hang out, read each others cards, cast the lots, twirl the pendulum, channel the spirits, work the charms....
Should be exciting!
I'll let you know how it goes!

Lastly, one quick reminder.....
Are your fingers still crossed for me?
Remember.....gotta keep them that way for two months......
I need all the luck I can get ;-)

Caboose Swoosh

Caboose Swoosh by HubbleColor
Caboose Swoosh, a photo by HubbleColor on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore

Blood Shadow of Earth

Blood Shadow of Earth by Z!KeepeR
Blood Shadow of Earth, a photo by Z!KeepeR on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Here are some hints for shooting the Moon:

• Most likely you will shoot at night so you need a tripod. Remote control is helpful too.
• Get your biggest lens with you if you want details, not just bright spot. 200mm is a minimum, 400 or 600 is nice... if you can afford one ;)
• The Moon moves really fast. Don't even try long exposure — it will be blurred for sure. You'll need to set ISO high in order to keep exposure within 1 sec.
• Even on tripod a DSLR camera often shakes because of the mirror. If you have Mirror Lock-up feature — use it.
• High in the sky the Moon looks the same everywhere. Try to shoot during moonrise of moonset when it is close to the horizon. Choose interesting location beforehand. City line, distant buildings and monuments are great foreground for the Moon.

Tips for shooting Moon eclipse:

• When the Moon is covered by Earth shadow is doesn't shine bright. That is obvious. Street lights can spoil your shooting easily. That's why lit up buildings don't suit anymore. You need to find something without lights.

• Switch to manual focus

Six words he never saw coming...

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a story in six words

Crane .....

Crane ..... by ManicMandy
Crane ....., a photo by ManicMandy on Flickr.